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Are you searching for a prompt, affordable, and skilled team of plumbers to repair and install water and gas appliances and systems in your home? Drawing on over 10 years of experience our passionate, highly-trained, and fully-qualified team of experts can easily identify and repair domestic and commercial issues. From cracked and damaged pipes, blocked drains, and the installation of water and gas systems the collaborative team at TBH Plumbing can improve the pressure and quality of the water and gas supply to your home. By selecting our plumbers our customers across Melbourne can trust us to deliver a safe and reliable service to homes and businesses throughout the city.

Utilising unique and proven methods when completing our work TBH Plumbing can swiftly identify the source of your plumbing woes. In the past finding out the cause of cracks and blockages was an expensive venture and would sometimes require extensive digging to unearth and repair the pipe. The innovative team at TBH Plumbing use live-feed CCTV cameras to traverse drains and pipes to find out where the damage has occurred and accurately fix it, restoring water pressure in no time at all.

At TBH Plumbing our plumbers know the needs of Melbourne home and business owners. Our experience and training has ensured that we are able to apply superior solutions to problems, unmatched and personalised customer service, affordable and accurate quotes, and plumbing solutions of the highest possible quality. If we are unable to repair damaged pipes with our durable pipe relining services TBH Plumbing can upgrade your properties piping with high quality and durable PVC. In addition to our installation, repair, and maintenance services we can effectively connect appliances that rely on water and gas flow to operate.

No matter what kind of plumbing service you require the dedicated and skilled team at TBH Plumbing will be able to deliver superior plumbing solutions of unmatched quality. To find out more about our personalised plumbing maintenance, repair, and installation services feel free to contact the team at TBH Plumbing.



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Brett, Essendon
"Clean work and affordable. We definitely recommend them.”
Albert, Williamstown
"Chris contacted me right away and was at my house as promised. He provided a reasonable quote for an urgent request. Really professional – quality work, well done!”
"TBH Plumbing were prompt and did a very good job. They fixed my plumbing issues without any problems. Happy to recommend them to others."